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Roadworthy certificate checklist

RWC Checks - What to check to help your vehicle pass a Certificate of Roadworthiness

If you want to be able to pass a Roadworthy Examination it helps to understand what the mechanic conducting the vehicle inspection will be considering when deciding if the car is roadworthy or not.

The following checklist may help you to make sure your vehicle will be able to successfully pass a Roadworthy Inspection.

Brake & braking systems - RWC checks

Brakes and warning systems are an essential safety feature of all vehicles and must be in good working order to pass a roadworthy examination

  • All components must function correctly, be mounted securely and correctly located
  • All brake components must be free from visible wear, distortion or damage
  • Vehicle parking and emergency brakes must be functioning correctly
  • Park brakes must be capable of keeping the vehicle stationary on any grade of hill
  • Brake lights (warning signs) must be fitted correctly and functioning
  • Car horn must be working correctly
  • Brake systems must be free of leaks
  • Brake linings must not be worn down to the wear indicators

Chassis & vehicle body RWC checks

To pass a Roadworthy Inspection a vehicle must have;

  • An absence of any condition able to cause structural failure or affect safe operation
  • A sound floor, free of obstructions or any condition which could hamper safe operation
  • Functioning mechanisms , inc doors, boots, Ute lids, bonnets, hatches & tailgates
  • Bumper bars which eliminate sharp corners or protrusions must be securely fitted
  • Towbars (when present) should be in good condition and correctly fitted
  • Vehicles with a tray type body require suitable mudflaps for the vehicle type

General vehicle -RWC checks

To pass a Certificate of Roadworthiness examination, a car should be generally in a good condition.

All accessories should function correctly without impeding performance and must be suitable for the intended task.

Lights, reflectors and signals - RWC checks

Roadworthy tests must be performed by a Licensed Vehicle Tester such Golden Plains Mechanical.

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